Friday, July 5, 2013

Adoption Fundraiser

This is why I do what I do. Family. Shortly after adopting our second child, I started my Trendography Prints business to help pay for the cost of adoption fees. Coming in at around $25,000 for each adoption, it took every penny we could find to make it happen. It has been a great three years and now our kids are getting older and we find ourselves longing to add another child to our family. We tried the fertility route a few times during our nearly ten years of marriage but we keep coming back to adoption. Apparently that is what we are supposed to be doing but the daunting task of finding an extra 25 grand while paying off school loans and living in our little condo seems nearly impossible. I succumbed to the pity party bandwagon for a short time before I jumped off running and revamped my business this year. I have my own printer with archival ink and the prints look fabulous on heavyweight cotton card stock. I finished my nursery rhyme book at the beginning of the year as well. Every penny we make from the sale of prints and books helps us get one step closer to being able to adopt again. We only need to sell 3500 prints or 10,000 books to reach our goal. We appreciate your support in helping us get there. Plus you get the bonus of having a fabulous product in your home!

You can purchase art prints at Trendography Prints.
You can purchase "Modern and Trendy Nursery Rhymes" on Amazon.

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