I finished my first book! I always wanted to write my own book but I've never written anything myself before so when I started my print business I decided that someday I would make a nursery rhyme book. Then I don't have to write anything because it has already been done for me. Problem solved. Now I know how much work it is to illustrate a book so maybe I'll try writing next time.
I was more than excited when my first proof arrived in the mail. It has a nice laminated cover and beautiful white pages with crisp color images. I love it. There are 19 nursery rhymes in the book in a variety of bright colors. I love all of them but then again I am the illustrator.
My owl was one of the first prints I made. I love it. It was my number one selling print.
I shouldn't have favorites, but the PAT-A-CAKE one is high on my list of prints I adore. I love everything girly so the scalloped border with a flower cake makes me happy. This print is available under the title of "Baker's Man."
You can purchase my book on I hope you and your family love it too.

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